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You will develop 

superlative performance skills  

gain tremendous confidence   

discover your individual artistry  

expand your knowledge of vocal techniques

enjoy the greatness of your voice & vocal abilities 

BETSY HAMMER is here to offer you a wonderful, uplifting, outstanding opportunity to grow personally and professionally
 through music, drama, and creative expression.


Betsy Hammer has been dubbed

"The Singing Actress."

Betsy Hammer is an experienced, passionate Vocal Coach,
having coached numerous actors for David Spade’s movie
“Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star." These artists include
Florence Henderson, Marion Ross, Erin Moran, Barry
Livingston, Barry Williams, Dustin Diamond, Rodney
Allen Rippy and others for the End Titles song,

“Child Stars On Your Television.”   
Betsy coached “The Drei-Dels” for “The Chanukah Song, Part III” 
in his animated film "Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights.”
She also coached "The Drei-Dels" for their performance when
they backed Adam on "Saturday Night Live." Betsy recorded nine
layers of vocal multi-tracking for “The Chanukah Song, Part III."
Betsy’s coached such fine artists as Shayna Rose, Jared Sandler,
 Jennifer De Minco, Mindy, George Steeves, Asia Schneider, 
Ashley Schneider, Alex Schneider, Nicolette Maroshek,
Love Lee, Lisa Liu, Cloie Taylor, Thais Davis

and Dan DeStefano, among others.  
While producing Cher’s vocals on the End Titles song for the 
film “Zookeeper,” Betsy and Cher sang across from one another,
as Betsy taught Cher the song.  Cher, the consummate pro, 
brilliantly learned the song on the spot!  Upon being
asked by the Executive Producer if she was happy with
her vocal, or if she needed to re-record it,
Cher exclaimed:  ”I trust Betsy! It’s great!” 
For the “Zookeeper” End Titles song, Betsy also coached and
co-produced  Sylvester Stallone, Maya Rudolph, Jim Breuer,
Rich Minervini,
Jon Favreau, Faizon Love and Bas Ruten. 

The Executive Producer of "Sandy Wexler" spontaneously
directed Betsy to jump into a booth with Jennifer Hudson and 
coach her on how to play piano for the "Butterfly" scene.  
As Jennifer sings “Butterfly” she's supposed to be accompanying
herself on piano.  Betsy had five minutes to show Jennifer how
to form chords, positioning her fingers so they appear to
actually be playing. Sure enough, mission 
Jennifer was fabulous, learned at lightning speed, and

Betsy was her on-the-spot piano coach.  
In her early years of Vocal Coaching, Betsy served as Music
Director for the Athens Children's Theatre in Athens, Ohio, and
the Director of Elementary Choruses for the Shaker Heights 
School System in Shaker Heights, Ohio. 

meet some of betsy's students

"All for the Joy of Singing!"

China Anne McClain and Betsy Hammer
Shayna Mor
Asia Schneider
Asia Schneider
Asia Schneider
"Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights"
Alex Schneider
Alex Schneider
Alex Schneider
Alex Schneider
Alex and Asia Schneider
Alex and Asia Schneider
Jared Sandler
Jared Sandler
Jared Sandler
Rehearsing for the show!
Waiting to go on!
A Holiday Performance
Holiday Party Performance
"Illuminemos el Arbol de Navidad"
"Illuminemos el Arbol de Navidad"
"Illuminemos el Arbol de Navidad"
Love Lee
George Steeves
George Steeves
Mindy Willens
Mindy Willens
Nicolette Maroshek
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