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Jared Sandler

Actor/Singer: “Blended,” “Grown Ups 2,” “Pixels,” “Paul Blart 2,″ “Sandy Wexler”

“There’s nobody more passionate about music than Betsy Hammer and her coaching is extremely effective. You will discover your voice, your potential will keep growing, and you’ll have a blast singing all styles and rocking out with her!”

Shayna Rose

Singer/Actress/Writer: Star of Nickelodeon’s, “The Fresh Beat Band”

“I think the most valuable thing I learned from Betsy was how to perfect my pitch. She really helped me focus in on ‘tuning up’ and naturally adjusting my vocal so that I was a much more accurate and professional live singer. Now I always hear her voice in my head reminding me what I need to do to be great! Amazing coach!”

Jennifer De Minco

Singer/Actress: “Made of Honor”, “Georgia Rule”

“As a trained singer, when I first met Betsy on a film set, I was taken aback by her voice of pure gold. Add to that flawless skill, an impeccable ear, spot on intuition, her magnitude of expertise, a heart that matches her voice and there you have Betsy Hammer.”

Lisa Liu

Virtuoso Violinist: Concertmaster/Orchestral Contractor : “America’s Got Talent,” "The X Factor," "The Voice," Duran Duran, Elton John, Slash, Celine Dion, et al

“I went to Betsy for an audition coaching, and between bursts of hysterical laughter, she shared her wisdom, insight and compassion. I left the lesson feeling confident and inspired. I am truly grateful for the ongoing friendship and support.”

Ashley Miers

Actor/Singer: "My Crazy Ex" (Lifetime A&E), "Tangled" (ABC Family); "Lunar Eyes" (Abercrombie & Fitch)

"I worked with Betsy to improve my stage presence and the quality of my performance.  Betsy is very compassionate and helped me address feelings of stage fright in a constructive and comforting manner.  Betsy is also very knowledgeable and experienced, and she was able to teach me practical exercises and skills that I could apply on a daily basis to my craft.  With Betsy's cheerleading and coaching, I've been able to find the courage to push myself outside of my comfort zone and grow as an artist, performer and person."

Nicolette Maroshek

Singer/Songwriter: Lead Singer of Nicolette

"Betsy Hammer is the most patient, educated, sincere, and encouraging vocal coach I have ever had! Her classes are warm and inviting, which allow the most shy of singers to feel comfortable! She truly listens to her students needs and desires to create lessons strictly for their needs. Betsy has educated me in how to properly warm up my vocal cords, breath control, how to sing properly, pitch accuracy, how to act as a recording vocalist, how to properly use a microphone, how to act in front of a crowd, how to be taken seriously in the industry, and plentiful more! If you want a vocal coach that cares about your success, then there is no better fit than Betsy Hammer! She has given me so much confidence and knowledge that I am now the lead singer of an up-and-coming band in Los Angeles! Without Betsy I would not be the performer that I am!"

Ashley Schneider

Actress/Singer: “Extreme Movie,” “American Virgin,” “Autopsy,” “House Bunny”

"Betsy helped me find my voice! I came to her for voice coaching when I needed to broaden my skill set for auditions to include singing. She encouraged me to sing out, and helped me to fine tune my ear and tone. Most importantly Betsy taught me to have confidence in myself!”

Alex Schneider

Singer/Actress/Writer: Member of JC Chasez’s new girl group “Girl Radical”

“Any half decent singer in LA can call themselves a “vocal coach,” but Betsy Hammer is the real deal. She tailors lessons to your individual voice and is great at picking songs that work for your voice. She has helped me prepare for performances and even helped me put my own spin on my favorite songs. My favorite part of working with Betsy was working on original songs. I love to write with her! ”

Elena Ashmore

Actor: Star of A&E Network’s “Born This Way”

“Betsy Hammer is the famous wonderful talent woman I ever met in my entire life. She is great with helping me to follow my dreams to become a professional singer like her. She is my inspiration and I want to be just like her in so many ways. I wish she will be my twin mom because she gets me, love her so much. Betsy I wish I can be you in the future, you have two beautiful ladies, I meant to say dogs. Someday I want to be in music videos and in concerts as well. You are the best friend I ever had in my life to become this. When the moon is so high up it will never touch the ground of my shooting star. Just believe in yourself, be a jewel in my garden that is blooming.”

Daniel DeStefano


"Not only is Betsy a charismatic and enthusiastic teacher, but she truly cares about her students' careers and it shows. I always left my voice lesson with a renewed passion and confidence in myself and in my voice. In addition to helpful techniques and warm-ups, she also helped me identify the style of music that I excelled in, and helped me push the boundaries of my voice to reach new highs, literally!"

George Steeves

Singer/Actor: "United States of Tara,” "Good Luck, Charlie," "Greek”

"Betsy helped me resurrect a dream and a journey that I started a long time ago as a musician. When Betsy and I started working together, my voice got strong again. She helped me work on my breathing techniques while singing a song. She helped me find my voice after losing it for quite some time and I will always be thankful that is a part of my journey as a Singer, a Songwriter, and an Artist."  

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  I coach in Los Angeles, welcoming positive, enthusiastic talents of all ages to my studio. You will develop superlative performance skills, gain tremendous confidence, discover your individual artistry, and expand your knowledge of vocal techniques, music, drama and creative expression. You’ll discover your strengths and unique vocal abilities. Prepare to have fun growing personally

and professionally  
through the joy of singing!  

XOX, Betsy

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